About Us


At ELI YOUR concerns are OUR concerns. 

OUR business is YOUR business.

We are strong supporters of these organizations through

our past and present volunteerism and financial contributions.

  • Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Green Peace
  • United Black Fund
  • Big Brother/Big Sister
  • Occupy Portland
  • US Peace Corp
  • International Medical Corp-Bosnia
  • Northwest Medical Teams- Albania

We are:

Board Certified in Cannabinoid Medicine.(Candidate)

Has qualified over 5,600 medical cannabis patients.

Over 20 years of experience, including substance abuse & toxicology issues.

Anesthesia Trained, Certificate.

Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Sub-Specialty in Toxicology.


ELI is a Research InstituteClinic & Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Our scientific mission is to provide information and service to our local Medical Cannabis

community, as well as our national community at large. Unlike other's in the industry we

have published  articles and books on Cannabis and toxicology with the sole aim of informing the public. 




Treat Yourself to an eye-opening article written by Ronald Stallings, MD.

HIJACKED: US HEALTHCARE - Care in Crisis, Physicians at the Center

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